Essential motorcycle clothing

You might think getting the right motorbike for you is the most important consideration when going out riding, but the clothing is also something that needs to be given careful thought.

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This isn’t to suggest you should be spending hours looking in the mirror with many different garms on to see which looks the best, this is about getting the right clothing that not only fits and looks good but also is safe for you and other road users.

The image of you riding down the street with an open cut-off demin jacket and no helmet is a fallacy that will never come true. So where do you need to start in order to get it all right?

Safety first, look after the head

In the safety stakes, there is no more important bit of kit than the helmet, so this needs to have the most consideration when getting the gear ready to go out riding.

Don’t just pick a brand name, choose a helmet that has passed all of the regulatory tests that are required by law and that fits nicely on to your head.

It should go without saying, but if your helmet receives any serious impact, you should always seek to buy a new one, regardless of whether it looks damaged or not. Serious problems will not always necessarily be visible, which is a chief reason for not buying one second hand – you just don’t know what sort of damage it has seen.

Don’t forget to accessorise

It is not just the helmet that is worthy of long consideration, there are also plenty of other items that need to be thought of. These could include goggles or gloves that will aid in you seeing exactly where you’re going when on the bike.

The purpose of goggles is to protect the eyes from the elements, as well as insects that may come into your path when travelling. If you go down that route, they must comply with British Standard regulations and carry an equivalent mark to the BSI kitemark.

Get the clothing right

Unlike in other walks of life, the way your clothing looks will and should not be of primary importance to you as a bike rider. While you will want to look good, and Dainese clothing has a great selection to choose from, it should not be the primary aim of your gear.

Traditionally people have donned leathers when heading out on their bike, but there are also some man-made versions that are just as good, so whichever feels best for you is the right one to choose. Make sure that everything fits nice and comfortably, instead of being too tight and restrictive.

Safety, obviously, is one of the key considerations once again, so do make sure that whatever clothing you choose has extra protection in the shoulder, knee and elbow areas as these are the most likely to be impacted if a fall occurs.

Gloves must also be thought about, because hands can easily get hurt if you’re involved in a crash.