Four Tips for Better Off-Roading

For some, heading out to a local park for a picnic with the family can be a great way to enjoy the weekend. Perhaps even a short beach road trip to enjoy the sun. However, for other more…adventurous types, 4WD off-roading provides the perfect amount of exhilaration and freedom. If this sounds like you and you’re looking for ways to have a better off-roading experience, read on.


Keep Your Foot off the Clutch

Unless you’re right in the middle of a gear change, your foot should be nowhere near the clutch pedal. Get out of your gear and into your next gear – then drive. If you find you’re always riding the clutch to get traction then you’re either in the wrong gear or you’re not using your 4WD capabilities correctly. Not only will a burned out clutch cost you a pretty penny to replace, if it goes when you’re out on a track – you’re stuck.


Take the Right Gear

Your 4WD is big, so while you shouldn’t over pack it, don’t put too much emphasis on bulk. Alongside your regular maintenance gear, check out Groupon coupons for adventure stores like Gander Mountain for any camping gear you’re going to need, first aid supplies and even a small generator to get you going again.


Pay Attention to Tire Pressure

When it comes to tires, especially for your 4WD adventures, the pressure levels in your tires can make the difference between continuing forward and not moving. Do your research beforehand at the type and level of terrain that you’re expecting to encounter and make sure you’re in a position to not only get your tires to the right pressure to take on the challenge but to get them back up again should you need it.


Check Your Levels

While it may seem like second nature for your everyday car, many adventurers get a little too excited about their outdoor trip that they forget the small things. Take the time before you head out to make sure any and all fluid levels throughout your 4WD are sufficient.


4WD and off-roading provides a level of adventure that other sports just can’t, so if you’ve made the choice to get out there in the track and get your wheels dirty, make sure you and your drive are prepared.