How to look after a new car

Having found the vehicle of your dreams by searching for the latest new car deals, it is your responsibility to make sure the auto is properly cared for. Some people may mistakenly believe that they do not have to look after a brand new car as much as a used one – after all, it has not been through as much or seen lots of action – but it is paramount that new cars get all the attention they deserve.

You want your motor to look as clean and shiny weeks and months after buying it as it was on the day you first drove it – and this can only be achieved by making sure you care for it regularly.

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By following certain steps, new car owners can ensure their purchase keeps its ‘wow factor’ for plenty of time to come.

Washing the car
The most obvious place to start with car care is washing. Everybody knows that cars have to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good – but washing is not just about removing any dirt or stains that have collected on the body, it requires a deep clean using quality products to make sure the car continues to look its best. These products include car wash shampoo, a wash mitt and microfibre drying towels. Remember, two buckets are required for this job, as one should be used for rinsing your mitt and the other for your car wash solution.

Cleaning the wheels
The wheels of your car can prove particularly tricky to clean, not least because these are the parts of the vehicle that are in constant contact with the ground and therefore pick up lots of dirt. No car cleaning is complete without the tyres looking muck-free and shiny, so be sure not to neglect them. You should use a small rag and soapy water to make sure you get into all gaps that may otherwise prove troublesome with a mitt.

Giving the car a polish
The purpose of polishing your car is not only to improve its overall shine, but to also remove any staining and defects in the paintwork. This will not be so much of a problem when you first buy a car, but you will need to keep an eye on things once you start hitting the road. Polishing is an essential part of car care as it serves to prepare the paint for the protection it receives through waxes and sealants.

Adding protection
It is vital that you protect your car properly in order to keep it looking shiny and new – you don’t want people to think your motor is older than it actually is. Wax, sealant and paint protectant can all be used for this job, which prevents the body of your car from showing signs of premature ageing by offering greater cover from the elements – something that is particularly important on hot summer days or when the temperature plummets in winter and snow and ice become a problem.