Moving house might mean company expansion too. Can I cope?

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When it came to moving home, the current lorry my small company was operating at the time was clearly not fit for purpose. We needed something a lot bigger to cope with the flotsam and jetsam that the family had accrued over several years.



It soon became obvious that the family needed a much larger truck than the lorry we were proud to call our own since it was all bought and paid for but then there was another question that needed answering: was it viable to buy that new larger truck for the business which we were looking to expand anyway or would it have been more prudent to look at truck rental from Scania with a view to a short term rental that would not require a large investment from the bank.

Rental Market

My fears were soon allayed by when I contacted the bank as it did not try to sell me any of their group loan services but instead referred me to several media sites which had run stories on the truck rental market, my only concern being the image this would portray of my fledgling company going cap in hand to the big boys.



I need not have worried thanks to those nice people at Scania. When I clicked on their truck rentals from Scania website I was immediately reassured by the fact that not only did they offer round the clock truck rental services, these included both short and long term deals, a key component in trying to keep costs down. I was soon identifying several bookmarks for further investigation and consideration.


Road Test

The other attraction of truck rental in this way was that we could in fact road test one of their trucks for the duration of our home move since we were not moving that far, only across town really, so could gauge the flexibility and suitability for our own small removals company.


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Trips across Town

If things worked out we would be able to utilise the considerable extra capacity of a truck to see if it could cope with the several short haul trips across town – we are talking from Cronulla to Parramatta on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia – a distance of not much more than 30 or so miles each way as the crow flies. As for moving closer to home, don’t even go there – it had already led to several disagreements, shall we say, with her who must be obeyed!


Narrow Streets

I had no concerns about it being able to handle the M5 and the M4 motorways but it would also have to negotiate the narrow streets around Cronulla and to a lesser extent Parramatta before it reached these wide open thoroughfares?



The larger trucks which could be rented from Scania had a lot of features that for the initial task of moving to our new home would have been surplus to requirements – the sleeper cabs being one example – but at least we could get some idea of the comfort and space these cabs offered which might indeed have persuaded us into a purchase further down the line when we came to consider handling higher capacity jobs, longer distance journeys or even company expansion. How good is that?


Author Bio: Alden Jansen Howard is a guy obsessed with functionality! He’s the kind of guy who grew up in Science fairs and expositions. He loves to toy around with remote controlled cars, helicopters and boats. This love for motorized vehicles pushed him to become a mechanical engineer where he spends most of his time working on this hobby. He likes to write about the latest innovations in motors and engines.